What I Do?

Add value to properties and the people associated with those properties.

I take time poor individuals with lazy equity or under performing investments and pair them up with property transactions that will result in a very handsome return at the end of the project.

Generally, these people do not have the knowledge or contacts they can trust to identify which property to invest in. The people I work with will know what the eventual outcome of a project is going to be before they've even spent one dollar. They will also know the roadmap to that outcome and why we are doing things a certain way to achieve that result. Communication is key! I make sure everything is completely understood from the get go and I'm totally transparent throughout the whole process.

A successful project for me is when we get to the end of it and the investor says, "okay, when do we start the next one?"


 Recent Projects



Commercial Lease Upgrade

Gold Coast

Commercial Lease Upgrade

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Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 2.33.47 pm.png

Lake Macquarie

Industrial Five Warehouse Development


Residential one into two lot subdivision/renovation/new construction

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I get results that others don't get, because I do what others don't do



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